Q: What is the next course I take after this Intermediate Algebra course?

A: Depending upon your major you will be eligible to enroll in Math 8A or Math 4 upon submission of your transcript with a grade of “C” or better in an intermediate algebra course from a community college.

Q: How much does the course cost?

A: The fee is based on the Riverside Community College Summer 2008 “cost per unit” which is $20 per unit.  The Intermediate Algebra is a 5-unit course; therefore the total cost of enrollment for units would be $100.  There is a nominal registration fee (around $15) that will be added to the cost of units.  (For more information about registration and unit cost at RCC, check the website at www.rcc.edu .) 

Q: What is the benefit of this Intermediate Algebra course?

A:  Intermediate Algebra will provide you an opportunity to refresh your math knowledge and skills and review the fundamentals that are required to succeed in your Pre-calculus and in subsequent university-level math courses.  Note that students who are in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and the Bourns College of Engineering must satisfy the "Intermediate Algebra" requirement by the end of Fall Quarter 2008.  Engineering or Science majors will not be able to register as students in their respective colleges for Winter Quarter 2009 if they have not earned a "C" or above in an appropriate Community College Intermediate Algebra course by the end of Fall Quarter 2008.

Q: Do the RCC units count?

A: The units will not transfer to your UCR degree program and will not appear on your UCR transcript.

Q: Does the RCC grade count?

A: The grade does not count towards your UCR degree program or your UCR grade point average and will not appear on your UCR transcript.

Q: What if I drop the Intermediate Algebra course halfway?

A: In order to advance into Math 8A or Math 4, you need to complete the Intermediate Algebra course with a grade of “C” or better.  The course is offered on campus for your benefit and future success at UCR – and, as always, attendance is crucial in any course for your successful progress. 

Q: Where are the class sessions and who teaches them?

A: The class sessions will be held in a UCR classroom and RCC faculty members will teach the course.  In fact, there may be some RCC students in the course with you.


Q: Why are the class sessions so long?

A: The RCC Intermediate Algebra course is a 5-unit semester course.  We are concentrating the course material and class time from the usual 15 week course into a 7 week summer course or in the case of the Fall quarter course, 10 weeks. It is a commitment of your time – for your success!

Q: How do I enroll?

A: Enroll by following the outlined steps on the Home page.

Q:  What book will the course use?

A:  The book you will need is

                   Intermediate Algebra, 4th Edition

                         Alan S. Tussy |  R. David Gustafson

                         ISBN-10: 0495389730